$ 349 USD

  • NEATO® Clamp
  • NEATO® Work Light & Work Light Holder
  • NEATO® Phone Holder
  • NEATO® Magnet Board
  • NEATO® Magnet Tub
  • NEATO® Funnel


NEATO® Clamp

  • Innovative robust technology, clamp built for time-saving
  • Replaceable rubber covers
  • 1 x finger release trigger
  • 3 x maneuverable arms
  • 3 x ball joints for positioning
  • 3 x Quick release connections
  • Various lengths for adaptability

NEATO® Work Light & Work Light Holder

  • High performance super bright
  • 2 x lights
  • Magnetic base
  • Rechargeable
  • Use & charge light at the same time
  • Robust quality + long lasting
  • 2x hooks
  • Quick release connection

NEATO® Phone Holder

  • Adjustable slider to fit all phone sizes
  • Charge phone while in holder
  • Quick release connection

NEATO® Magnet Board

  • Holds any metal tool up to 1kg
  • Quick release connection

NEATO® Magnet Tub

  • Holds any metal tool, nuts /bolts /washes
  • Quick release connection

NEATO® Funnel

  • Pouring stability
  • Single size outlet
  • Quick release connection


NEATO FOAM inserts can be used in the NEATO Carry Case


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